Thursday, August 20, 2009

WS 91pt Big and Rich Syrah for a Porterhouse Steak from

2006 Mas du Soleilla Petit Mars
WS 91pt Big and Rich Syrah for a Porterhouse Steak from

  • 91 point Syrah for $20 from Mas du Soleilla!
  • Only at Gary's!
  • Free Shipping on a Six Pack

For years, the Languedoc-Roussillon of sun-drenched Southern France was in a real rut. Prices on their wines were low, and reputations were often lower. The few producers who were making fantastic wine (and yes, some have been there all along) found it hard to get anyone to pay attention. But in the mid-1990's, the press began to notice, awarding the best wines of the Languedoc with high scores. Mas du Soleilla was one such winery; a successful, shining example of just how good the red wines of the Languedoc could be. And at $20, you simply don't find many other Syrahs anywhere in the world that can compete with their Petit Mars bottling.

Phil Unger, one of our French wine specialists, made this his pick as part of our August Wine of the Month in which wine staff from our three stores each picked a wine. He loves how these big, rich wines go so well with his favorite barbecued meats like lamb and Porterhouse steak, as well as aged sheepsmilk cheese like Abbaye de Belloc.

Wine Spectator 91 points

--Free Shipping on Six Packs and Cases--

Price: $19.99
Reg: $24.99

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