Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our best California Pinot Noir under $20 is back in stock! Free Shipping on Case!

2006 Wallflower Pinot Noir Central Coast

It's not often that the California Wine Buyer and the Burgundy Buyer can agree on Pinot Noir. That's until we tasted the Wallflower Pinot Noir.
Price: $14.33
Reg: $20.99
We went straight to the source and negotiated a great deal! The wine normally sells for $25. Our price is only 15.99!

And a case price of 168.00 plus FREE SHIPPING!

It all happened one busy weekday afternoon, when Gary and his team were tasting through some wine samples with a California supplier. We must have tasted through two to three dozen wines that day, none of them really striking our palates just right. We were just about to quit when we noticed a few unopened bottles pushed back in a corner. Nobody had tried them because the label was rather uninspiring, but our supplier told us what a disappointment that was, as the wine hailed from some great vineyard sources and had terrific value.

"No harm in trying a few more," Gary said..."we know an artist or two who could help them out with the label"...and the rest, as they say, is history.

Brian Maxwell, California Wine Buyer 4 1/2 stars "..freshed crushed cherries..."
Jon Visser, Burgundy Buyer 4 1/2 stars "..drinks like a good $20 Burgundy.."

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